After arriving back in Perth in 1996, I started looking for opportunities. I eventually met Paul Daly, a great singer and harp player. We started rehearsing with various players, but we had trouble keeping a rhythm section.

Eventually we settled on a lineup of Paul Daly - vocals and harmonica, Fred Kuhnl - bass, Mike Sullivan - drums and myself.

I think that this band was the best guitar playing I have ever done. We would sometimes just get into nice grooves for extended solos. I love playing long, especially when it is happening.

Paul Daly was the first singer I have come across who never questioned the "key" of a song. It didn't seem to worry him, the sign of a great vocal range and technique.

I was still playing my 1963 Gibson ES-335 (the red guitar) but with distortion added to the compression. By now the guitar could almost play itself!

This first set of recordings was also our first gig. We played at the the Blues Club in Perth. I was pretty nervous as I hadn't played in a real band since the late 70's. However I was now playing with a new found freedom and it came out pretty well. I think Reap What You Sow is my favourite recorded 12-bar blues guitar solo.

1. San-Hozay (excerpt) (1:45)
2. Crosscut Saw (4:05)
3. Reap What You Sow (5:32)
4. I Wish You Would (6:02)
5. Mingus Swingus (4:24)
6. Lonesome Whistle Blues (3:38)
7. Blues With A Feeling (4:13)

We then went into a studio to record some (mostly original) songs. We just basically played live, with no overdubs and no mixdown. I used to love playing Giverny Blues live. It always went over really well. This studio version is a little stiff, but the vocals are great.

1. Take Your Time (4:27)
2. Giverny Blues (4:27)
3. Tore Down (3:49)
4. Done My Time (4:27)
5. Southern Comfort (4:16)
6. Crazy Times (3:13)

For an MP3 download of both sessions click here

I think this is where the story ends. Since the band split, I have just been doing the occasional solo gig and recording solo instrumental albums. I have put out  twelve since 2002. 

I guess I just have to play music, it's in my soul...


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