Band Archives: THE UNITS 1975
The Units were never really a working band, more a rehearsal group.

We were all bues/rock players who were very fond of jazz and improvisation and that elusive quality called "rapport" or "empathy" or, if you like "ESP". It all boils down to listening and understanding that the music always has a place to go, if you are willing to listen and be considerate of your fellow players.

The band was Al Kash - drums, Tony Borthwick - saxes and flute, Phil Bailey - bass, and JH on guitar. We had a great thing going, but of course we didn't score many gigs. We would probably do better now!

We had a ball when we gathered together at Tony's place every week. I just wish I had taped some of the rehearsals.

For this band I used the same Telecaster as in Bitch, Gibson humbuckers and a Marshall head - who needs distortion or sustain pedals? 

We did a legendary performance at the Octagon Theatre, University of WA, sometime in 1975. I love this music, it goes away but keeps coming back ...

For an MP3 download of this concert click here


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